Grand View Farms


Grand View Farm, owned and operated by the 5th and 6th generations of the Langenfelder family, is located in beautiful Kent County on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  We take great pride in raising high quality hogs to provide nutritious, wholesome, and tasty pork for our customers.  In 2004, we built a new sow barn where our sows are free to move around in large pens.  The barn provides the sows with year-round comfort, protecting them from weather extremes in the summer and winter.  By maintaining a high health herd, we are able to limit our use of antibiotics.  We grow all of the corn to feed our hogs and make our different feed rations on-site.  Our crops are grown using the most up-to-date conservation practices to protect and conserve our soil and water.  We utilize the manure from our hogs as an organic source of nutrients for our corn crop.  Our family is very serious about protecting farmland and has enrolled our land in the Maryland Ag Land Preservation program.


Awards and Honors received by the farm:

The Governor’s Ag Hall of Fame

Master Farmer Award

Cooperator of the Year from the Kent County Soil and Water Conservation District



Pork Quality Assurance Level III

Swine Welfare Assurance Program

Transporter Quality Assurance

Environmental Quality Assurance